12-18-2019 Planning Board Meeting Minutes




Call to Order: Linda Bond-Clark called the December 18th meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. at the New Haven Town Hall. Roll call: Linda Bond-Clark, William Calderone, Josh Downing, Kathy Phelps, James Searles Karen Valentino and Frederick Wilbur present. Patricia Parkhurst absent.


Dollar General: Daniel Griffiths from Griffiths Engineering LLC and Project Manager, Jason Lang attended the meeting representing Dollar General. Dollar General is proposing to build a 9,100 square foot store on a 2.52-acre lot located at 4290 St Rt 104. The property is part of a parcel tax map # 114.00-02-10.1 which is currently 52.48 acres.

The proposed building and parking area have been moved back to avoid a wet area.

The utilities will come from the front of the property.

The septic is located in the back of the property.

The front of the parking area is still near the wet area. The planning board is ok with the location, but advised the applicant to check with the Army Corp to make sure they are good with it. A a statement from the Army Corp should be presented to the planning board.

The applicant has started the stage 1 and 2 DOT applications and will need to do stage 3.

No additional storm water will be leaving the property as a result of relocation the building and parking area.

An erosion control plan is in place including check dams and silt fences.

The drainage basin will be approximately 2 feet deep.

Signage during construction will be under the control of the DOT.

A Photometric plan is in place for lighting.

The sign will be approximately 3 feet high and will require a variance. The sign is a standard size for Dollar General Stores. The light in the sign will be off after hours.

Typical business hours will be 7:00 am to 10:00 or 11:00 pm.

Deliveries will be made during store hours an are expected to be 1 big tractor trailer and various box trucks.

For the next meeting Dollar General will bring:

Application for variance for sign

Approval from Army Corp for distance from wet area

Scaled elevation of building from all 4 sides

More complete application

The board is concerned with construction traffic during school hours and parking during construction.

Any Planning Board member who has any comments or questions on the application should get them to either Linda or Debbie.


New Alternate: Karen Valentino has been appointed as an alternate on the planning board.


Fred Wilbur Eligibility: Fred Wilbur has been elected to the Town Board. The state considers it is a conflict of interest to serve on the Town Board member and Planning Board. Fred has asked the Town Board to consider passing a local law allowing Town Board members to also serve on the Planning Board. The Town Board has taken no action on the matter. Fred asked the Planning Board to consider writing a letter to the Town Board supporting the passage of such a law. No action was taken.


Local Law #2 of 1994: Tabled. Review will continue at the next meeting with Article 9C.


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 8:13 by motion of Fredrick Wilbur, second by William Calderone. Linda Bond-Clark, Aye; William Calderone, Aye; Josh Downing, Aye; Kathy Phelps, Aye; James Searles, Aye; Frederick Wilbur, Aye. Carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Debra J Allen

New Haven Planning Board Secretary