11-20-2019 Planning Board Meeting Minutes




Call to Order: Linda Bond-Clark called the November 20th meeting to order at 6:10 p.m. at the New Haven Town Hall. Roll call: Linda Bond-Clark, William Calderone, Josh Downing, Patricia Parkhurst, Kathy Phelps, and James Searles present. Frederick Wilbur absent. Supervisor Timothy Teifke and prospective alternate planning board member Karen Valentino were also present.


Dollar General: Daniel Griffiths from Griffiths Engineering LLC attended the meeting representing Dollar General. Dollar General is proposing to build a 9,100 square foot store on a 2.52-acre lot located at 4290 St Rt 104. The property is part of a parcel tax map # 114.00-02-10.1 which is currently 52.48 acres. No application has been filed yet. This is a preliminary meeting only. Mr. Griffiths presented a preliminary Sketch Plan. The plan shows 30 parking spaces, 9x20 feet each. There is also a setback of 50 feet from the pavement and 20 foot on all sides.

Water will be from Water District #3. There is natural gas going through the area and 3 phase power. Septic will be private. They have worked with Oswego County Health in the past.

The proposed site has been approved by the NYS DOT. They will need to go through the permit 33 process with DOT.

A storm water drain off area is shown near the back of the property. The proposed plan uses less than 1 acre. If the plan is changed to include more than one acre a full storm water plan would be done.

The property has some wet areas, but does not show on wetlands maps. Dollar General has a wetland consultant, Jim Bates, that will be looking at the area and submitting the DEC and Army Corp if necessary.

The time line will depend on the Town’ requirements. Construction could potentially start construction in the spring. The permit 33 could take 2 – 3 months or more.

A study has been done to determine sustainability. Tray Bullock from Liverpool did the study.

If the Town and the school want a fence between the store and the school it will be considered.

There will be some distance area between the Dollar General property and the school property.

The Town’s Attorney pointed out that flashing signs are not permitted.

Concern was expressed about the Safety of children and parents during events at the school next door, when a number of cars are parked along the road.

Gordon Stansberry has done a traffic study as part of the permit 33 prosses including a trip generation report.

The entrance is 30 feet wide with a 33-foot radius. Trucks will not be backing in from the road.

The school’s playground is toward the proposed store. Buffering needs to be considered.

Concern was expressed about snow falling from the building. Mr. Griffiths stated that the roof could be slanted to dump snow to the side of the building that no one will be driving or walking on. Snow removal was also addressed.

The board asked Dollar General to consider putting in sidewalks across the front of the property. Mr. Griffiths said that would be between the school and the DOT. Tim Teifke suggested possibly assistance could then be requested of the state, county and the school to continue these sidewalks to the school and the church which serves as an emergency shelter for the school.

Store hours are typically 8am to 9 or 10pm The store could potentially employ about 10 people, full and part time, two to three per shift. There is typically one big tractor trailer and a couple random ones. Lights typically stay on until about an hour after closing. Lighting typically is 0 candle light at property the line.

The planning board would like a design that fits into the community. Dollar General is willing to work with the Town on the look of the store.

The school and the immediate property owners will be contacted for input.

Dollar General will return next month and will send a short SEQR and more detailed plans before the meeting.

This was a preliminary conference only. The stated intention of  the potential applicant was to share information and review any comments and concerns of the Planning Board in advance of the submission of an application by Dollar General. No decisions were made and no votes were taken with regard to the potential application.


Special Meeting: Motion by Katy Phelps, second by Patricia Parkhurst, to hold a special meeting on December 4th at 6:00. Linda Bond-Clark, Aye; William Calderone, Aye; Josh Downing, Aye: Patricia Parkhurst, Aye; Kathy Phelps, Aye; James Searles, Nay. Carried.


Local Law #2 of 1994: Tabled. Review will continue at the next meeting with Article 9C.


Possible Law Regulating Solar and Wind Power: The possibility that the Town may need a local law regulating solar and wind power was discussed.


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 8:12 by motion of William Calderone, second by Josh Downing. Linda Bond-Clark, Aye; William Calderone, Aye; Josh Downing, Aye; Patricia Parkhurst, Aye; Kathy Phelps, Aye; James Searles, Aye. Carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Debra J Allen

New Haven Planning Board Secretary