06-11-2019 Town Board Special Meeting Minutes

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HELD JUNE 11, 2019 5:00 PM

Attendance: There were approximately 27 residents, in addition to, Supervisor Timothy Teifke, Councilman Dan Barney, Councilwoman Mary Curcio, Councilwoman Patricia Prosser, and Councilman William Rombough in attendance. Ian Yerdon and Jay Berkman represented C2AE.

Purpose of Meeting: To hear comments in favor of and opposed to the formation of proposed public water service area #9. Notice of Public Hearing was legally advertised and posted. Letters were also sent to homeowners in the district informing them of the meeting.

Presentation: Ian Yerdon presented the proposed water district and explained the benefits, what is involved in implementation, and the cost. The first-year fixed cost per EDU (the amount that will be on the tax bill) is $722. The estimated water usage cost is $262/year (based on 170 gallons per day). The homeowner is responsible for installation of the of the line from the tap to the home. The estimated cost for the homeowner to hookup is $600 - $1,000. The vote on the proposed water service area will be held on a date to be determined between August 10th and August 25th from noon to 8:00 pm. Every individual who is eligible to vote will be sent a letter to the last known address. The attorney for the Town read the rules for voting. The rules for voting and a copy of the handout from this meeting will be included with the letter informing individuals when and where the vote will take place. They will also be available on the town’s website at www.newhavenny.com and at the town clerk’s office.


Jack Murphy 580 Sundown Rd, asked if the meters were remote read or if they would need to come into the house to read them. They are remote read. He asked how long the pipes are rated for. They are rated for 50-100 years.

Paul Knittel 111 Johnson Rd, is looking forward to the project proceeding. He has 2 wells and still has inadequate water supply. He said he believes it will be a savings for all in the long run.

Shawn Lower 547 Co Rt 64, asked for clarification of the class of pipe that would be required. 200 psi pipe will be required

Kathy Kuepper 384 Johnson Rd, is concerned about her trees. She asked how far from the road they would dig. Jay Berkman stated that they try to avoid removal of trees, and if necessary, may request an easement to go around them. She asked what they do about gas lines and was told they try to avoid them. She asked about hydrant maintenance. Homeowners are asked to keep hydrants near their homes clear. The fire department also clears some hydrants when they have time. The Scriba Water Department paints the hydrants as needed.

Mike Noto 304 Sundown Rd, has 3 parcels that are combined into one tax bill. He asked how many EDUs he would have. He was told that he would have 1 EDU because he has one residence on one tax bill.

Sue Dawson owns vacant property on Mud Lake Rd. She doesn’t know when or if she will build on the property. She asked if she should have a tap put in now or wait and have it done later. She was told that the vacant parcel would pay one half EDU if she does not have a tap installed as part of the project. The current price to have a tap installed after the project is finished is about $1200 and that she should do the math and decide what is most advantageous to her. She asked about the meter and was told it would be included in either option.

Rhea Keller Kinittel 111 Johnson Rd, stated that her family has lost 2 homes and 2 uncles in house fires because they could not put the fires out fast enough. Her grandsons live on the land now. She stated that they need adequate fire protection. She stated that they had spent $3500 to fix a well and it did not work. They then spent $9000 to dig a new one and still do not have adequate water supply and they have a buildup on their appliances.

Joe Spereno 503 Co Rt 64, stated that the water is so bad at his house that the hose will not come off the spigot. The water is junk.

Chris Christaldi 220 Johnson Rd, asked how they decide which side of the road lines will go down. She was told that they take several things into consideration including, the number of houses on each side, ditches, trees and what just makes sense. She asked when that decision would be made. The design will be done after the vote. She asked how wide the rights-of-way is. They vary, but are in the ball park of 50 foot and pipe may be installed 6 feet off the edge of the pavement. She asked why they were left till last. The areas that showed the most interest were done first. Also there had to be lines to hook to. She asked what the NYS regulations were for distance between hydrants. The maximum distance between hydrants is 600 feet. She asked if a person could request a hydrant closer to their house. She was told that sometimes they are a little closer because it is a better spot to put one, that each house would be no more than 300 feet from a hydrant and that each additional hydrant costs $5000. She asked if the annual charge would be the same every year or if it would go up or down. She was told that the cost could vary. Some things that could affect the cost are increased operation and maintenance cost, or additional homes being built. She asked about water main breaks and who would pay for damage done by them. We have not had any breaks in any of our districts so far. The Town of Scriba has money collected in water bills that is put aside to repair water lines. As far as damage to homeowner property, if the break was caused by someone’s negligence that entity would be held responsible. If it was not caused by negligence, the homeowner would put in a claim to their homeowners insurance.

Hal Smith owns land on Co Rt 1 that is undeveloped and will remain forever wild. He is not in favor of the project. He asked how many EDUs he would be charged. He was told that because his property is vacant, he would be charged ½ EDU.

Mary Curcio 245 Sundown Rd, asked what affect being at the end of the line would have on pressure. She was told being on the end of a line should not affect the pressure, and that elevation would affect pressure more. She asked if they might cross the road when the there were more houses on one side in a stretch then switched sides in the next stretch. She was told they might but that road crossings are expensive. She asked if water lines ever freeze. It does happen, but is not common. If the lines are properly installed, they should not freeze.

Adjournment: Having no further comments or questions, the meeting was closed at 6:02pm by motion of William Rombough, second by Dan Barney. Dan Barney, Aye; Mary Curcio, Aye; Patricia Prosser, Aye; William Rombough, Aye; Timothy Teifke, Aye; Carried.


Respectfully Submitted

Debra J Allen

New Haven Town Clerk